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Mortgage Loan Officers are always looking to grow in their professional career. Often times LO’s are so concentrated on their work (which is a good thing) that they need to identify over a phone call what those areas of professional growth look like to them. There are 2 large distinctions usually between theLoan Officers when asking about the type of growth makes sense for them:

Scenario 1.) The LO does not want to manage people and find themselves most productive following the successful LO ABC’s (always be closing). Often times Loan Officers have great book of business that they treasure and keep safe. The next steps for them are to hire personal assistants, and junior loan officersplaced in their team from their current branch manager. If you find yourself in this boat, and are making less than 125 bps, we should talk.

Scenario 2.) The LO has the desire to become a Branch Manager and begin building a team, and they don’t know where to start. The LO feels like he could motivate and lead a successful team. They are leaders gain loyalty from their team by being compassionate, good listeners, creative, sincere and always erring on the side of fairness to the employee. The problem is this step for them is unavailable where they are.

Most often Loan Officers think I call them asking if they want to make more money at a different company, which that option is there. They don’t realize that they can become a Branch Manager with several different companies that I partner with. I partner only with the Mortgage Industry Leaders, and they are ready to invest in Loan Officers who are ready to make their dreams a reality.

So you have just become a Branch Manager! Now what??? The business development teams are there to work with you and help you grow. I also work with you to bring Loan Officer talent as well as onsite operations talent. They have support systems in place though that allow you to continue closing your current pipeline of Loans while you are growing your team. The clients I partner with are set up to make you successful. Are you ready to start living your dreams?

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Luke Osborne
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